Asenso and its employees will practise and demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in order to maintain personal and corporate goodwill and reputation and inspire confidence and trust in the company’s customers, partners, and stakeholders. The company will at all times carry out its business in a competent, fair, and equitable manner.


The company seeks to build long-term alliances and partnerships with its customers by being straightforward and transparent in its transactions. The company will also protect the confidentiality of any information with regard to its customers.


The company chooses its suppliers and their products based on quality, price, delivery, service, and integrity. The company’s dealings with our suppliers are rooted in trust, openness, and honesty.

Government and Regulators

The company will seek full compliance with all applicable international, national, and local legislation with respect to its operations and will follow best practices in corporate governance at all times. The company will also meet its tax obligations and will abstain from willful concealment of any material facts or figures.


The company is committed to respecting the environment and minimizing the impact of production and commercial operations on it. We aim to be among the best companies in the world in environmental protection practices. We are also open to independent third-party verification and governmental inspection and certification.


The company treats its employees with respect and dignity, providing equal employment opportunities to all regardless of race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, age, maternity, marital/family status, or disability. The company also fosters a safe and healthy workplace and has zero tolerance for any form of harassment and complies with all applicable local labour laws.

Health and Safety

The company provides a safe and healthy environment for its employees who will also undergo regular health and safety audits besides safety training. Particularly in view of the ongoing pandemic, the company applies the highest standards of sanitation to its premises.